About Our Company

The last decade has seen the emergence of a strong new player in the steel industry. A company that has turned growth into a passion. That has turned success and profitability into a habit.It is called as Ashok Magnetics Group which is named after the flagship company viz., Ashok Magnetics Ltd., which in due course in order to synchronise with the activities of the group could be renamed as AML Steel Ltd


    AML is a group that believes growth, cannot happen without the growth of its people as well. The company provides a congenial work atmosphere anda channels of authority with proper delegation.


    AML steel is blazing a path all its own, to a future that will ensure the company a place as a leader.


    Since there is a huge demand for steel in India there was not significant exports until last year.

Success Story & Steels

Worldwide, the demand for quality steel is on the increase. Recognizing this potential.

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